Crossdock Services

We deliver the goods from the supplier to the final customers. Our systematic and timely distribution channel and safe storage is ideal for your business.

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Storage & Warehousing

Crossdock expert services also have short term and long-term storage, distribution & Warehousing solutions for your goods. Our company warehouse has 40,000 square feet space. Our warehouse is secured with latest security cameras which includes fire alarm, theft alarms, 24/7 surveillance, sprinkler systems.

Queries – @ 905-724-0249

Email – [email protected]

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You can concentrate just on your stock and we will look after the distribution process. With the help of our strong and reliable networking chains we

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Transportation & logistics

Transporting your goods to their place of destination good condition and within specified time period is our priority. When it comes to our trucking service, with modern vehicles, professional licensed and skilled truckers, with Cross dock expert services your goods will be in the safe hands.

Queries: Contact @ 416-9027023

Email- [email protected]

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Logistics Services

Crossdock expert services provide freight forwarding throughout Canada and USA in LTL and FTL load settings. We comply by all the regulations and take

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Packaging is more than just wrapping goods and putting them in a box. It is the process of documenting, compiling, sorting and storing. It helps is

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Repackaging is required when a product has some new changes. This is mostly done when companies want to have their branding on the product rather

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E-commerce is the new retailer for your products. Online shopping has taken the market by a storm! To make your e-commerce business a

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Crossdock Expert Services is the solution to all your Crossdocking, Warehousing, Transporting and Logistics services. This includes, 24/7 cross docking and warehousing, load pick up and drop off, flatbed cross docking, same day in & out services, short and long term storage, LTL and FTL load setting, loose load handling, loading and unloading, picking & packing services, high quality skid wrapping, transportation services, big paper roll cross docking, repacking services and continuous security.


Consumer satisfaction is our first priority and we make sure that we are always there for you. We operate round the clock and our continuous customer services answer all your questions and queries.

We work beyond any limitations and believe delivering of high-quality services. Every client is important for us and we cater to their needs. Our custom services have gained us the faith of our clients. Also with the help of the latest security systems, which includes fire alarm, theft alarm, security camera and guards, we ensure that there is no room left for mistakes.

From door-to-door to switch loading, Canada to USA and LTL to FTL, we cover it all! We work to grow and expand your business and help it explore new market opportunities, be it pharmaceuticals, supplies, electronics or automotives. Delivering 100%, using hi-tech equipment, working with efficient and experienced workforce and abundance storage are our strengths.

About Crossdock Expert Services
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